This is why you should invest in Mews Houses in London 2019

This is why you should invest in Mews Houses in London 2019

Originally, mews were built as horse stables with some extra space to store horse carriages along with a few rooms above for the stable boys to live. As the population increased, as did the prices of real estate, the need for more affordable housing was evident. The first mew to be converted into a house was in Mayfair, after which countless mews were converted into humble yet modern homes.

As history repeats itself, the population is increasing with more and more people wanting to live in London. Based on the economics of demand and supply, the price of properties in London is also on the rise. Think of mews houses in London as the investment of the year! These hidden gems are one of the best investments that you can make in 2019, especially if you are planning on buying property in London. If you weren’t thinking of buying a mews house, here are some reasons for you to seriously consider this investment.

1. Flexible space

A mews house is very flexible when it comes to space – which is a rare quality in most London homes. That means that you can make use of space, which also means you are free to decorate as you please. The mews of the olden times still have that carriage space which can now be used as a garage, or it can be converted into a new room altogether.

2. Prestigious locations

Overall, there are only about 6000 mews houses in London. That makes them a very scarce commodity. Most of these mews houses are located in very prestigious locations – that means the prestige of a certain postal code without paying the exorbitant prices of that area! In fact, the mews trend is so popular and in-demand that developers are now building new mews from scratch, essentially sticking to the layout of the original.

3. A sense of community

Everyone wants to feel like he or she belongs, and mews are able to provide exactly that sense of community. Since mews houses are so close together, there is a sense of community and belonging without actually having to share a lobby or an elevator (like in most London flats). Mews are some of the friendliest places in the London societies.

4. Easy alterations

Mews are for everyone, from families to working professionals. The greatest thing about mews houses is that they can be easily altered. You can add a sliding door to create a whole new room, convert the garage into a bedroom or a home office or simply dig out the floor to create a basement. Since most mews are not listed, the planning restrictions on them are more lenient. So, it would be easier to make these alterations in mews as opposed to townhouses in the same postal code.

5. Privacy and security

With so many mews around, there is always a sense of security. Since most mews do not have a fenced in garden or other enclosed outdoor areas, people sit outside their homes to have a drink or watch their kids place. That way, people get to know each other and there is a sense of community which ensures overall safety. But, despite the fact that everyone knows everyone in that area, there is a sense of privacy. You do not have to worry about the noises of your house disturbing the neighbours – a feeling you can never get in a townhouse!

Keeping in mind the current trends, it seems that the demand for mews in London will only increase. So, if you’re thinking of buying property in London then consider investing in mews. After all, the starting price of mews located in prime areas is £1.5m, and this is only going to increase.

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