A good builder is a key part of your development project

A good builder is a key part of your development project

When undertaking a construction of development project many things can go wrong. As the project progresses aspects about the site or the project will be uncovered that may not have been planned for. It is typically the contractors or your builder that discover these issues but you may discover that the actual building is not what you would like it to be in reality compared to the plans and require a change.

Sometimes it could be limited access to the site for the builder and contractors due to the physical aspects of the site, or it could be that the plans did not specify enough details about an aspect of the construction or it could be that the design as it is planned does not work for you. This is where a good local builder can be a real savior. By selecting a good builder even if the plans do not detail that part of the construction well a good builder will be able to handle it and make sure that your construction works out well. A good builder will adapt to the limitations of the site and your needs as variations to the plans are made.

If you happen to not choose a good builder you may end up with the headache of each problem along the way causing major time delays and cost blow outs and really messing up your construction with inadequate ‘work around’ or ugly solutions that you did not want on your new buildings.

Time is money and if your builder delays your project this will cost you, if you have a construction loan for the project then you will be paying extra interest. If you are renting another place to live or paying a mortgage on another home whilst you are waiting for the construction to be finished this also costs you money.  If the project is being done to make an income then delaying the completing of the project delays the income and effectively gives you a pay cut. None of these should make you very excited.

By selecting the right builder your small development project will almost run its self, but getting the wrong builder may mean that you spend a lot of time project managing your construction project and focused on fixing things when you could be doing other things.

Finding a cheap builder may seem like it is saving you money but unless the builder is also a quality builder then they may just cost you in time and money along the way.

Do yourself a favor and find a good builder for your construction project, it just might save you time and money along the way.

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