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Fast business loan

Fast business loan Short term commercial finance can be used in an emergency or when funds are needed urgently for business or commercial purposes. Short term quick commercial loans are typically expensive so should only be used when necessary. However, if you have a time sensitive commercial opportunity that you require quick funds for a short…

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Development finance

Development finance Development funding underwent some significant changes recently when a number of development lenders have pulled back and money became more challenging to obtain. However, you may still find lenders willing to fund developments. It’s vital to find lenders with that are willing to take a little risk. Developers need to find the right lender for the development and ensure they…

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Property development finance – what is it for?

Property development finance: what is it for? Property development finance can be used for residential property development, industrial property development, commercial property development including retail, office; mixed-use developments and even land subdivision. Residential property development Retail/Office/Industrial property development Land subdivision Mixed-use property development What are the maximum loan to value ratios available for property development loans?…

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